Substance Abuse

At Troyer Medical we offer a comprehensive treatment plan to help you get off and stay off of drugs, alcohol, nicotine, and behavioral addictions.

Dr. Troyer is one of the first physicians in the nation to be Board Certified in Addiction Medicine and uses a compationate and understanding approach while utilizing clinically proven techniques and medications to treat this all-consuming problem.

In addition to prescribing oral buprenorphine-containing medications, Dr. Troyer has also been certified to isert the long-acting buprenorphine implants. Naltrexone injections are administered at Troyer Medical as well.

Weight Loss

At Troyer Medical, we offer individualized counselling on diet and exercise based on your present situation and your goals. As appropriate, prescription medications and injections are utilized to assist with the weight loss process.

Primary Care

Welcome to the Troyer Medical. We put you and your family’s health and well being first. If you live in the Landis or surrounding area, Call us to set up an appointment to see Dr Troyer or our NP Dorothy Nivens.  

We provide the latest healthcare information for families like yours. We strive to offer the best advice and most current news to keep your family as healthy and safe as possible.

Other services include allergy testing and treatment, removal of skin lesions, injections, and flu shots. We also draw any lab tests in house to save you time.

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